“Eight Decades of Toys”
Peek in on our designers and our family as Mary Meyer celebrates over 80 years of bringing childhood companions to generations of stuffed toy lovers. Watch as we stuff a giant bear and sketch toys not yet in stores.

“Walter’s Mary Meyer Workshop”
In this video, Walter Meyer, our Chairman, describes learning how to design and make stuffed toys.

“Sketching Toys at Mary Meyer”
Watch a fun timelapse as one of our artists sketches a puppy.

“How to Stuff a Giant Bear in 86 Seconds”
Four Mary Meyer grandsons tackle a big job.

A Mary Meyer Panda is Created in 99 Seconds
Steven brings a panda to life with pencil and charcoal!

Ikimono: Stand for the Silent
This video is about Ikimono: Stand for The Silent. Toys that stand up to bullying. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Ikimono stuffed toy line go to StandForTheSilent.org, a national grassroots organization established to end bullying.