Our Story

  • Just imagine its 1933.
  • A young woman follows her passion creating and sewing small fabric toys.
  • A German bachelor arrives at Ellis Island with barely a penny to his name.
  • In New York, the city that never sleeps, the roaring 20’s are a distant memory.

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85 Years and counting . . .

Our story begins in 1904.  Mary Meyer was born Mary Lorang in New York City.  When she was a little girl, she learned how to sew from her mother by mending the family’s hats, blouses and pantaloons.

Everyone noticed how much Mary loved to sew!

Mary’s father was a manager in one of New York City’s finest hotels during the 1920’s.  She learned about style and fashion from him.  The glamorous people in the beautiful clothes of the Roaring 20’s were the inspiration for her own creations.

As a teenager, Mary went to a public school that specialized in sewing.  There she learned how to make patterns and work with fabrics that would later become colorful pincushion animals.

Everyone loved these toys, so she continued to design and sew more as gifts for friends and family.

When she was 24, she attended a political rally where she met a talented salesman names Hans Meyer.  They fell in love, and within a year were married.

Yes, there really was a Mary Meyer! Read our full story